We strive to offer our equine friends the best possible care. We make sure our hay, most of which is home-grown, is kept fresh and nutritious.

horse boarding

Boarding Fees

Box stall with run (one horse) $500 per month $25 daily
Stall with small run (one horse) $435 per month $20 daily
Shelter with large run (two to five horses) $380 per month $18 daily
Pasture $315 per month $15 daily
Late fee $25 plus 1.8%

Security deposit of one month's board per horse may be requested


Additional Services

Daily turnout $50 per month
Extra bedding by load $15
Extra feed or special feed Cost per pound
Farrier, vet, or brand inspection supervision $30 per hour
Trailer storage $15 per month
Haul in Fee $15 per horse
Repairs to facilities (time & materials) $30 per hour
Late fee $25 plus 1.8%

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