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Green Tree Equine Facility is a beautiful and serene 112 acre farm, nestled at the base of the foothills, bordered by Left Hand Creek where horses are free to be horses.

Originally a dairy farm, our little farm was purchased in 1976 for pasture and hay for a family business. In 1998, Randy and Debbie had the vision to create Green Tree Equine Facility, to provide a comfortable, casual, affordable boarding facility where horses have plenty of space to move around and their owners could come and congregate, all in the spirit of the horse.


Randy, along with hired help, works the land himself to grow their own grass hay and is forever improving the facility with the emphasis on quality care for the horses.

Debbie is on hand to assist Randy with the business aspect and help ensure all our borders and their horses are well cared for in a friendly and family atmosphere.

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